What Makes Oscar Special?

Oscar empowers you to find insights for yourself.

In today’s competitive markets making the right business decisions is a matter of having the right information at the right time. But getting those insights is hard and time consuming, the expertise and resources needed often spreading across multiple departments.

With Oscar, use point and click machine learning and predictive analytics to get to the bottom of what makes your business tick, display your insights with vibrant storydashboards and share your discoveries to make better decisions.

  • Faster Insights We've made predictive analytics and machine learning point and click with Oscar. Now you can get insights from big data fast.                                             
  • Write Data Stories Your data has a story, bring it to life with Oscar’s storydashboards. Combine infographics, images and video with your analysis to make your insights stand out.
  • Super Features Empower advanced users with automated workflows and fluid data wrangling. Worker faster and more efficiently with Oscar.                                             
  • Scale with Ease Oscar's big data architecture grows with your data. So, no matter how big your company grows, Oscar will be on your side.