File uploads

To upload a file in Oscar. Select 'Upload Dataset' from the left side menu. In the new view click the large button in the middle to browse files on your computer. Only column based text files are supported by Oscar when uploading data this way.

In the next view you can set the delimiter and preview the dataset. As you proceed to the next stage you can tell Oscar what to do with nulls and what type of data is in each column (categorical or numeric), otherwise Oscar will do this automatically. After proceeding with the upload choose a name for your dataset and follow the prompts to finish the upload.

SFTP uploads

For uploading large files Oscar has functionality with various SFTP clients. To connect, first request SFTP credentials through Oscar. On the next page enter your SFTP clinet login details and refresh the list of available files. Select the correct file and then proceed to upload. From here you will have the same options as in the standard upload process.

You must remember that after connecting you need to enable to transfer from your SFTP client.

Database imports

There are two components to database imports. The first is adding the database driver to Oscar. To do this you need to have admin priveleges. From the admin tab, you need to select 'Database drivers' from the left side menu. On the next page you need to name the driver, provide a vendor specific jar.file and give the class path. Once you are finished you can connect to databases of that type through Oscar.

The second component in database imports is connecting to your specific database. From the main organiser page, select 'Connect to Database'. From this view select the relevant database driver, imput the connection string and name the table you want Oscar to connect to. Click 'test' to check the connection, if successful you can proceed through the usual upload proceedure.

Below is a list of some of the possible JDBC database connections including the class path and connection string patterns. Any compliant JDBC Driver should be able to connect to Oscar.

AWS Redshift

Connection String Format: jdbc:redshift://endpoint:port/database
Default Port: 5439
AWS Driver Download and Examples


Connection String Format: jdbc:db2://endpoint:port/database:user=<user>;password=<password>;
Default Port: 5021
DB2 Connection Strings  DB2 Driver Downloads

Microsoft SQLServer

Connection String Format: jdbc:sqlserver://endpoint:port;databaseName=database;user=<user>;password=<password>;"
Default Port: 1433
SQLServer Download Links and Overview


Classpath: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
Connection String Format: jdbc:mysql://endpoint:port/database?user=<user>&password=<password>
Default Port: 3306
MySQL Connection String Reference  MySQL Driver Downloads

IBM Netezza

Classpath: org.netezza.Driver
Connection String Format: jdbc:netezza://endpoint:port/database;user=<user>;password=<password>;
Default Port: 5490
Netezza Connection String Reference  Netezza Driver Downloads


Classpath: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
Connection String Format: jdbc:oracle:<drivertype>:<user>/<password>@endpoint:port:database
Default Port: 1521
Oracle Connection String Reference  Oracle Driver Downloads


Classpath: org.postgresql.DriverConnection
Connection String Format: jdbc:postgresql://endpoint:port/database?user=<user>&password=<password>&ssl=true
Default Port: 5432
PostgreSQL Connection String Reference  PostgreSQL Driver Downloads


Classpath: net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver
Connection String Format: jdbc:jtds:sybase://endpoint:port/database;user=<user>;password=<password>;
Default Port: 5000
Sybase Connection String Reference  Sybase Driver Downloads


Classpath: com.teradata.jdbc.TeraDriver
Connection String Format Type 3: jdbc:teradata://endpoint:port/database
Connection String Format Type 4: jdbc:teradata://database
Teradata Connection String Reference  Teradata Driver Downloads


Classpath: com.vertica.jdbc.Driver
Connection String Format: jdbc:vertica://endpoint:port/database?user=<user>&password=<password>
Default Port: 5433
Vertica Connection String Reference  Vertica Driver Downloads